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The film is now available on demand! Find it at

Google Play 

and if you’re close to an educational establishment, it’s available to stream on two different services

Kanopy and


Gathering (virtually or in-person) around a film is a powerful way to bring a necessary and complex conversation to your community, and to build the power of the front-line organizers and activists.

If you would like to screen the film with a college or university, public library, or other entity requiring a screening license, please get in touch with Giant Pictures.

Past Screenings

winner of multiple film festivals

Plan Your Event

Event planning may look different for different people, though it usually involves these steps:

  • Identify goals for your screening
  • Decide on date, time, and location for your event
  • Decide on your event format and choose a facilitator, moderator, panelists, etc.
  • Promote your screening
  • Execute your screening

Things to Consider

Please make sure your screening is accessible for your audience. If you are having an in-person screening, make sure the venue is wheelchair accessible. You may also consider having a place for nursing mothers to breastfeed. Regardless of if your screening is virtual or in-person, you may also consider having the captions on for the film, and/or language or deaf translation for the film and any Q&As or discussions that follows.

Screening Hints

  • You can share the link individually with each of your audience members to watch on their own time, or you can watch it all together.
    • If you are screening virtually, you can download the film and show it via Zoom Advanced Video Share.
    • If you are screening in person, you can play the film on your computer, then attach your computer to the screening device via an HDMI cord, airplay, chromecast, etc.
  • Make sure to check out our suite of resources, including an action guide with discussion questions and action items.

Film Resources

Check out our suite of resources including  Action Toolkit, Bible Study, and Sermon based on the film.

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